Federal Court Orders Plaintiffs’ Lawyers to Pay Costs and Fees to Federal Signal in Hearing Loss Litigation

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Oak Brook, Illinois, April 28, 2017- Federal Signal Corporation (NYSE: FSS) (the “Company”), a leader in environmental and safety solutions, today announced that a federal judge in Pennsylvania has ordered the attorneys representing the majority of the plaintiffs in the Company's hearing loss litigation to pay the Company approximately $128,000 as reimbursement of legal costs incurred by the Company defending a suit brought by a group of Washington, D.C. firefighters. In the litigation, the plaintiff firefighters claimed to have suffered hearing loss from the Company’s sirens. However, the attorneys representing the plaintiffs dismissed their cases after the Company had incurred significant costs defending them.

In issuing the award to the Company, the judge determined that the lawyers representing the firefighter plaintiffs failed to conduct a factual investigation into the claims before filing their lawsuit.  In the opinion of the judge, had the lawyers undertaken an investigation, they would have learned that the claims were untimely and therefore should not have been filed.

Daniel A. DuPre, Vice President and General Counsel, stated, “We are pleased that the Court’s ruling allows us to recover some of the costs we incurred defending lawsuits that had no merit.  We believe that this sends a strong message that the mass filing of claims without investigating the individual merits of those cases is not lawful and will not be tolerated." 

Jennifer L. Sherman, President and Chief Executive Officer, added, “We applaud the Court’s ruling and are glad that these attorneys have been held accountable.  We will continue to aggressively defend our life-saving siren products.”

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