Federal Signal Partners with Everbridge to Provide Critical Communications

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University Park, IL., March 17, 2015 —Federal Signal Corporation (NYSE: FSS), a global leader in environmental and safety solutions, has formed a strategic partnership with Everbridge, the worldwide leader in unified critical communications. This alliance will provide an industry leading unified platform integrating Federal Signal’s SmartMsg mass notification solution, powered by Everbridge, to enable communication with Federal Signal’s physical devices such as indoor and outdoor sirens, panic buttons, digital signage, and two-way radios to trigger emergency notifications, along with other communications.

“Communities rely heavily on outdoor warning systems and multimodal communications to ensure that the right message is sent to right people at the right time,” said Matthew Brady, vice president of the Integrated Systems Division of Federal Signal. “As technology advances, it is imperative to integrate hardware driven warning systems with multimodal communications software. This integration will enhance efficiency and safety by providing a single easy-to-use interface on desktops, smart phones and tablets. We are excited to partner with Everbridge to provide a solution that integrates with our market leading indoor and outdoor warning solutions to meet our customer’s critical communication needs.”

The strategic partnership between Everbridge and Federal Signal is the first of its kind in the market for emergency warning and critical communications solutions. The integration between the two companies will enhance efficiency and safety by providing a single interface to control all emergency alerting tools and communications simultaneously.

“This is a game-changing partnership between Everbridge and Federal Signal. Now, Federal Signal’s customers can connect audible and visual devices to the Everbridge platform to deliver real-time contextual communications during critical events,” said Jaime Ellertson, CEO of Everbridge. “We are very excited to provide customers with the ability to harness The Internet of Things to improve critical event preparedness and response.”

The integration enhances efficiency and safety by providing a single interface to control all emergency alerting tools and communications simultaneously. According to a recent report from Gartner, titled The Internet of Things Will Shape Smart Cities, “The best-case scenario is for cities with centralized emergency response and safety systems where they can connect the city infrastructure and assets and provide a data stream between the infrastructure and city’s centralized management systems.”1 

Customers can now utilize either Federal Signal’s Mass Notification Platform or the Everbridge Suite interface to activate physical devices. Examples of the integration in action include:

• Following a hazardous chemical spill, businesses and local governments can activate emergency sirens to deliver notifications that alert individuals to evacuate their nearby homes and facilities

• Warning systems for cities, municipalities, universities, industrial sites and nuclear power plants can now be activated to broadcast national weather service storm warnings or lockdown situations directly from the new Federal Signal Mass Notification solution.

1 Gartner, The Internet of Things Will Shape Smart Cities, Alfonso Velosa, Refreshed: 19 September 2014 | First Published: 28 March 2014.

About Federal Signal Integrated Systems Division

Federal Signal’s Integrated Systems Division is a leader in designing and implementing integrated safety and security solutions for communities and facilities around the world. For more information regarding the Federal Signal SmartMsg product line visit http://www.alertnotification.com/products/mass-notification

About Federal Signal

Federal Signal Corporation (NYSE: FSS) provides products and services to protect people and our planet. Founded in 1901, Federal Signal is a leading global designer and manufacturer of products and total solutions that serve municipal, governmental, industrial and commercial customers. Headquartered in Oak Brook, Ill., with manufacturing facilities worldwide, the Company operates three groups: Safety and Security Systems, Environmental Solutions and Fire Rescue. For more information on Federal Signal, visit federalsignal.com.

About Everbridge

When every second counts, Everbridge connects the right people, devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), whether around the corner or across the globe, with the right information and context. By connecting over 70 million devices during critical events—public safety incidents, IT service disruptions, healthcare code alerts and more—Everbridge’s Unified Critical Communication Platform delivers secure, compliant and automated communications when they are needed the most. More than 2,700 global organizations rely on us to manage these critical communications. For more information about Everbridge, visit www.everbridge.com, read the company blog, http://www.everbridge.com/blog, and follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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