Girl Scout Earns Gold Award With Help From Federal Signal

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After seeing the devastating effects caused by a tornado, Girl Scout of America Katie Floyd of Greenfield, Indiana, understood the importance of having an outdoor notification system in her community.  Realizing there was a lack of tornado sirens in her area, Katie was determined to dedicate her time to raise money for a much needed tornado siren by knocking on doors and calling companies for donations.

Federal Signal, the leader in mass notification solutions for communities and facilities around the world, was intrigued by Katie’s story. Since 1901, Federal Signal has innovatively led the evolution of tornado sirens within the United States and has worked with thousands of communities and their public safety officials to ensure the importance of community notification prior to an emergency.

“As a leader in the safety and security markets, we were very moved by Katie’s dedication to raise awareness for an outdoor siren for her community, said Matthew Brady, Vice President of the Integrated Systems Division of Federal Signal. “Katie is an example of how one person can make a difference. Her story is an inspiration to our company and validates why we continue to manufacture outdoor sirens such as the 2001 siren.” Brady adds, “We were also very proud of our field installation partners, West Shore Services and Federal Field Services, for donating all of their installation time and programming resources at no cost to assist in making Katie’s dream come true.”

Katie’s story brought various vendors together to help accomplish her goal; a one-of-a-kind Federal Signal Girl Scout tornado siren is scheduled to be installed next to the Green Township Fire Department in late-April. Several local contributors that assisted Katie to reach her goal include Nine Star Connect through their Operation Roundupprogram, the United Way Youth as Resource program, Matt Nordenbrock for electrical services, and Green Township Fire Department for the land and electrical hook up.  West Shore Services from Allendale, Michigan, is donating all resources and services needed for the installation of the project and Federal Field Services from Wauseon, Ohio, will provide the programming, start-up and testing of the siren.

A dedication plaque, donated by N Depth Solutions, will be placed next to the siren in Greenfield. In addition, Katie will receive the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest and most prestigious award presented to a Girl Scout of America.  Federal Signal Corporation also presented Katie with a Citizenship Award in recognition of her outstanding leadership, dedication and contribution to the safety and security of her community.