Westech Vac Systems Proudly Introduces the Westech Coyote Hydrovac to the Canadian Market

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NISKU, ALBERTA (Oct. 2, 2019) – Westech Vac Systems, a leading provider of rugged, high-quality vacuum truck-mounted solutions, today introduced the compact Coyote hydrovac for utility, municipal and contractor customers in Canada. The mid-sized unit was designed as an ideal option for customers working in urban and metro environments who need maximized legal payloads and who value a rugged, durable and industrial-grade hydrovac truck that can easily maneuver in tight, confined spaces without compromising productivity, performance or legal payload.

“The hydrovac industry has changed drastically. Vacuum excavation customers are looking for a broader range of hydrovac solutions with varying vehicle sizes, axle capacities and chassis configurations,” said Ben Schmitt, general manager of Westech Vac Systems. “Today, the key to success in the industry is maximizing payload capacity, which equates to on-time productivity and happier, more profitable customers. The introduction of the compact Coyote hydrovac is a great example of our commitment to developing the kind of rugged and durable vacuum excavators Westech is known for, while also complying with weight regulations and maximizing legal payload and productivity.”
Smaller size, enhanced maneuverability
A mid-sized alternative to the larger Westech Wolf hydrovac introduced in 2017, the Westech Coyote delivers big advantages in terms of maneuverability and stability. “The Coyote is almost seven feet shorter than our popular Westech Wolf hydrovac,” Schmitt said. “Combined with a tandem axle drive, the Coyote’s maneuverability in tight urban areas is significantly enhanced.”
Powerful vacuum
“The Coyote is designed with a six-inch vacuum system and high air-flow capabilities to maximize performance,” Schmitt said. The hydrovac features a six-inch hose—which reduces hose clogging frequently found on smaller vacuum systems—and a powerful vacuum system capable of up to 3,200 CFM and 16" Hg of vacuum. The larger hose and vacuum system make the Coyote a more productive vacuum excavator than other similarly-sized units.
Schmitt added that the Westech Coyote comes standard with a hydraulically-driven blower system which simplifies the engagement process when moving from hole to hole on quick locating applications.
Increased payload hauling capabilities
With a legal payload of nearly 20,000 lbs (9,072 kg) of spoils (varies by region, chassis and options ordered), the Coyote hydrovac is unmatched in its size category.
Improved weight distribution
“Like the full-sized Westech Wolf hydrovac, the Coyote was designed to constantly maintain the centerline for the water tank and debris body,” Schmitt said. “As water is reduced and debris is loaded, the weight increases on the individual axles equally.”
The Coyote’s debris body is positioned on the optimal spot of the chassis to ensure the payload is proportionately distributed across all axles simultaneously. “The goal with Westech hydrovac trucks is to efficiently use as much axle capacity as possible, while keeping the design safe and productive, resulting in more time on the job and a reduced risk of overweight penalties,” Schmitt said.
Industrial-grade controls
The Westech Coyote features industrial-grade hydraulic and electrical systems which simplify use, field troubleshooting and repair. “Our customers expect a piece of equipment that is built to last; but if and when there’s an issue, they can quickly and easily fix it in the field,” Schmitt said. “Westech equipment works in some of the most remote locations in North America, where parts and service availability are virtually nonexistent. Being able to get up and running quickly is paramount.”
Service and support across North America
The Coyote vacuum excavator is supported by Westech’s premier dealership network through Joe Johnson Equipment and Vimar Equipment, offering multiple parts and service locations across Canada, as well as a
factory-direct sales channel. In the United States, Westech is TRUVAC branded and supported through the TRUVAC distribution network and is represented by Federal Signal’s Environmental Solutions Group’s direct sales channel, as well as FS Solutions’ 12 locations across the country.
About Westech
The first certified code vacuum truck manufacturer in the province of Alberta, Westech Vac Systems is considered one of the largest mobile vacuum tank manufacturers in Canada. For nearly 30 years, the company has established a reputation for listening to its customers’ needs and finding new ways to constantly improve. Supported by an experienced and knowledgeable team of engineering, sales, manufacturing and service professionals, Westech’s products are designed for extreme environmental conditions.
For more information on the Westech Coyote hydrovac, please visit www.westechvac.com.
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