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Federal Signal Environmental Solutions Group (ESG) is the leading provider of innovative environmental cleaning and material handling solutions for municipal, governmental, industrial, contractor and airport customers worldwide. 

Member companies include Vactor Manufacturing, TRUVAC, Guzzler Manufacturing, Jetstream of Houston, Westech Vac Systems, Ltd., and Elgin Sweeper Company. Each designs and manufacturers a suite of products and integrated solutions for customers. The Environmental Solutions Group is supported with rentals, parts, and service by FS Solutions and Joe Johnson Equipment. The Environmental Solutions Group allows you to consolidate your environmental cleaning needs with the highest quality and most diverse single source in the world. 

Guzzler Manufacturing, is the world's leading provider of vacuum solutions for heavy industrial applications. Guzzler products are ideal for removing wet or dry material accumulation from remote or inaccessible areas. Designed to clean up and recover a full spectrum of materials - from solids and dry bulk powders, to liquids, slurries and thick sludge. The product line features a vast array of efficient off-loading options that allow you to reclaim, recycle and redistribute valuable raw materials. Guzzler also offers unique filtration systems for superior dust collection.

Phone: (815) 672.3171

Email: sales@guzzler.com

Website: www.guzzler.com


Jetstream of Houston, is a leading supplier of high and ultra high pressure water blasting solutions including units, pumps, parts, accessories for commercial and industrial cleaning and maintenance operations. Jetstream of Houston manufacturers a complete line of waterblast products and systems from 6,000 to 40,000 psi. For over 40 years Jetstream products have led the industry in quality, ease of use, maintenance and product safety.

Phone: (832) 590.1300

Email: sales@waterblast.com

Website: www.waterblast.com


TRUVAC® VACUUM EXCAVATORS, brought to you by Vactor® Manufacturing, Incorporated and Westech Vac Systems, Ltd. Digging smart means digging with equipment that does the job faster but also safer. It’s about vacuum excavators that are as tough and as dependable as you are. After all, this isn’t just work, it’s about pride—the pride of the dirt on your boots and the mud on your tools. It’s about doing the job the right way—because the right way is the only way you’ll do it. Digging smart means digging safely. With greater precision, dependability and service. TRUVAC helps you dig smart.

Phone: (815) 672.3171

Email: sales@truvac.com

Website: www.truvac.com





















Vactor Manufacturing, is the number one supplier of truck-mounted combination sewer and catch basin cleaners, and jetters.  Vactor Manufacturing leads the way in providing quality solutions to the sewer cleaning industry including powerful jetters and combination units that combine water jetting with vacuum for the most effective sewer cleaning and maintenance available. 



Phone: (815) 672.3171

Email: sales@vactor.com

Website: www.vactor.com


Westech Vac Systems, Ltd. equipment have been rigorously tested for over two decades in some of the world’s toughest operating conditions. We offer the best and most comprehensive program to match our customers’ load requirements with final roll-off vehicle weight. Plus, through meticulous engineering record-keeping and ongoing studies, we adjust our standard engineering programs to achieve precise weight distribution design specifications. It’s all designed to help our customers avoid the costs, inefficiencies and penalties of an overweight vehicle with limited payload capacity.

Phone: (780) 955.3030 

Email: sales@westechvac.com

Website: www.westechvac.com






















From the people who bring you Guzzler, Jetstream and Vactor, the brands you know and trust, we bring you FS Solutions. With nearly 100 years of collective experience in industrial vacuum loading, sewer and catch basin cleaning, vacuum excavation and industrial high-pressure waterblasting, FS Solutions provides unsurpassed expertise and a unique breadth of offerings to meet the needs of industrial cleaning contractors and other industry professionals.

Staffed with skilled, factory-trained technicians, FS Solutions centers provide:

  • High-performance parts for most makes and models of industrial vacuum loaders and waterblasters
  • Accessories to meet a variety of industrial cleaning operations
  • Repairing and rebuilding of equipment, pumps, blowers and more
  • Large selection of used and refurbished vacuum trucks
  • Waterblaster rentals complete with waterblast safety training
  • Blower repair on most makes and models from the top manufacturers

Phone: (800) 822.8785 

Email: info@fssolutionsgroup.com

Website: www.fssolutionsgroup.com


Joe Johnson Equipment is Canada’s largest and one of North America’s leading infrastructure-maintenance equipment suppliers. JJE proudly serves municipalities, contractors, haulers and industrial companies in Canada and the U.S. JJE has a long-standing reputation for distributing industry-leading products through its national branch network with a keen focus on customer support.





Phone: (705) 733.7700 

Email: info@jjei.com

Website: www.jjei.com