Give Where You Live Matching Gift Program

Federal Signal Corporation seeks to support a variety of community and charitable organizations where our employees live and work. The Federal Signal Corporation “Give Where You Live” Matching Gift Program (the “Program”) is designed to encourage employee charitable contributions through a Company match of all or a portion of employee donations to qualifying organizations. The Program was introduced and is effective as of July 3rd, 2018, for employee gifts made on or after that date.


  • All full-time, active U.S.-based employees of Federal Signal Corporation and its subsidiaries are eligible to participate upon completing one year of continuous service.
  • Members of the Company’s Board of Directors

Eligibility does not extend to the following individuals:

  • Contractors and consultants
  • Student employees
  • Part-time employees
  • Spouses and other family members
  • Retirees

Match Terms
The Program is funded and administered by Federal Signal Corporation, subject to the following:

  • Match – 1:1*
  • Maximum Company match per qualifying employee contribution – $1,500 U.S. dollars per Program year
  • Multiple donations per eligible employee – allowable, subject to terms herein
  • Minimum employee contribution per qualified organization – $25 U.S. dollars
  • Multiple donations by one eligible employee will be processed in the order they are received by the Company, pursuant to the Matching Gift Process found in the FS Give Where You Live Matching Gift Program Description
  • Each qualifying organization is subject to a maximum Company match of $5,000 U.S. dollars per Program year

Qualifying Organizations

The Program will match donations to organizations that:

  • Are located within 50 miles of the employee’s home or place of employment
  • Are 501(c)(3) organizations that are “In Good Standing”
  • Are not political or faith-based organizations or educational institutions affiliated with any religious denomination

Match Payment Program
To qualify for a program match, employee donations must:

  • Be paid before a match is paid – pledges do not qualify
  • Be paid in cash, by check, or credit card
  • Qualify as a deductible charitable contribution by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service
  • Be personal contributions by employees only – funds cannot be collected from others and pooled for a Company match

View and print complete FS Give Where You Live Matching Gift Program Description 

View and print the FS Give Where You Live Matching Gift Application Form