Safe Digging

Protecting, not damaging, our infrastructure

Traditional forms of digging can often be dangerous – one wrong move can destroy the underground utility lines and gas pipes that keep our communities up and running. TRUVAC vacuum excavation equipment is digging reimagined – we use pressurized air and water to dig with surgical precision, protecting both our essential underground infrastructure and the machine operators in the field.

While vacuum excavation is more prevalent in Canada, it is also gaining traction in the U.S. with nineteen states now citing vacuum excavation as part of recommended safe excavation practices.  TRUVAC is proud to manufacture the equipment that will dig the path to a new era of dependable, productive, efficient and safe excavation.


The TRUVAC brand manufactures a range of premium vacuum and hydroexcavation trucks and trailers designed to satisfy the safe digging requirements of a wide range of contractors, businesses, and municipalities.
TRUVAC is headquartered in Streator, IL