Warning Systems

Sounding the alarm for greater safety

In an active shooter situation or a potentially devastating weather event, every second counts.

That’s why communities and companies across the world rely on Federal Signal for warning and mass notification systems. We manufacture advanced technology systems to warn the public of a crisis rapidly and effectively, granting them the crucial extra moments needed to respond.

Whether across an entire county or inside your facility, Federal Signal’s warning systems aim to keep you, your business, your community, and the people within them safe.

Warning Systems Signaling Equipment
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Our Warning Systems business is a leading provider of indoor and outdoor warning solutions designed for alerting and notification of hazardous weather conditions, dam breaches, chemical spills, and other hazards where mass communication is required. Our systems include interoperable alerting and notification with a modular design methodology for municipal, offshore, marine, and industrial environments.
Our Warning Systems business is headquartered in University Park, IL