Industrial Cleaning

Empowering cleaner companies and communities

Chemical buildup in complex piping systems. Calcified scum on oil tankers. Cumbersome debris scattered across construction sites. No matter how daunting your industrial cleaning job may seem, Federal Signal has the solution for you.

Federal Signal's waterblasting equipment harnesses the power of high-pressured water to break down even the most hardened buildup. Our vacuum loaders help clean, remove, and recycle all sorts of materials, from cement and dust to industrial spills and thick sludge. And our street sweepers have helped keep cement and power plants, ports, and quarries clean for over 100 years. We can deliver a full suite of products designed to keep your businesses and communities as productive as can be.

Guzzler Industrial Vacuum
Jetstream Logo

Jetstream manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative and automated high-pressure water blasting equipment, tools, and accessories for commercial and industrial cleaning and maintenance operations.
Jetstream is headquartered in Houston, TX

Guzzler Logo

Guzzler is a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum loaders used to manage industrial waste or recover and recycle valuable raw materials while delivering superior performance with our customized filtration technology.
Guzzler is headquartered in Streator, IL

Vactor Logo

Vactor is the leading manufacturer of equipment solutions for cleaning and maintaining sewers and catch basins. Its products include truck- and trailer-mounted combination sewer cleaners, jetters, and auxiliary equipment.
Vactor is headquartered in Streator, IL

Elgin Sweeper Logo

Elgin is a global-leading manufacturer of street sweepers designed for residential, airports, municipal, ports, and other applications utilizing mechanical sweeping, vacuum, and recirculating air technology.
Elgin Sweeper is headquartered in Elgin, IL

Westech Logo

Westech is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, rugged vacuum trucks. Its equipment is rigorously tested and operates in some of the world’s toughest, most demanding operating conditions and environments.
Westech is headquartered in Nisku, AB


Blasters Inc. is a manufacturer of truck-mounted waterblasting equipment, with applications in road-way projects, airport runway rubber and marking removal, and other surface preparation projects.
Blasters Inc. is headquartered in Tampa, FL