Sewer Cleaning

Clearing the way to a healthier environment

The products that bear the Vactor name are guided by one singular purpose: to improve the infrastructure of the communities where we live and work.

An entire unseen world of pipes, sewer lines, and storm basins lies just below our feet, shuttling waste and stormwater from one place to the next. Maintenance of this critical infrastructure is essential to community health, which is why Vactor sewer cleaners take on the dirty job of keeping these complex systems clean. With our IntuiTouch® system that provides greater precision, superior performance, and controls that truly put the operator in command, it’s no surprise that Vactor is the leading provider of sewer cleaning and infrastructure maintenance equipment.

Vactor 2100i at work
Vactor Manufacturing Logo

Vactor is the leading manufacturer of equipment solutions for cleaning and maintaining sewers and catch basins. Its products include truck and trailer-mounted combination sewer cleaners, jetters, and auxiliary equipment.
Vactor is headquartered in Streator, IL