Materials Hauling

Moving much more than materials

Complex operations in construction, landscaping, municipal settings, or agriculture often have one task in common: moving large quantities of materials from one place to another. We have the equipment, and strong, regional brands that can get the job done, day after day. Federal Signal offers market-leading dump bodies, end-dump trailers, landscape bodies, containers, roll-off systems, truck bodies, platforms, hoists, and other truck and trailer equipment and accessories.

Our suite of products deliver much more than materials, providing customers with greater value, greater productivity, and greater profits. And that’s quite a haul.

Materials Hauling
amerideck Logo

The AmeriDeck In-Bed Lift system is an innovative bolt-on solution that increases the versatility and utilization of full-size pickup trucks. AmeriDeck's systems allow one person to easily load and unload their equipment to maximize the utilization of their pickup truck.
AmeriDeck is headquartered in Saegertown, PA

Bucks Fab Logo

Bucks Fabricating designs and manufactures interchangeable truck body systems for class 3-7 vehicles and offers a full line of hauling products, including front/rear loading containers and specialty roll-off containers.
Bucks Fabricating is headquartered in Hadley, PA

Crysteel Logo

Crysteel Manufacturing Inc. is a leading dump body, hoist, and platform manufacturer, known for its product innovations and dedication to quality. 
Crysteel is headquartered in Lake Crystal, MN

DuraClass Logo

DuraClass brings its customers over a century of proven manufacturing experience delivering the most stylish, rugged, and dependable dump bodies, hoists, and related equipment available to the work truck industry.
DuraClass is headquartered in Tishomingo, MS


J-Craft produces some of the most innovative, productive, and relied-upon lines of dump bodies, hoists, and dump body accessories serving the needs of construction professionals and municipal contractors.
J-Craft is headquartered in Lake Crystal, MN


Northend Truck Equipment (NTE) began manufacturing and designing flatbeds for trucks, before expanding into dump trucks and crane trucks while establishing an industry-leading reputation for offering a full array of truck body solutions.
Northend Truck Equipment is headquartered in Snohomish, WA


OSW Equipment is a regional leader in the dump body and trailer industry, providing rugged, reliable products for the construction, transportation, industrial, and mining industries.
OSW Equipment is headquartered in Snohomish, WA

ox_bodies Logo

Ox Bodies is a leading designer, manufacturer, and installer of medium and heavy-duty dump bodies, platforms, trash bodies, and related truck body accessories serving the construction, demolition, aggregate, municipal, agricultural, and industrial markets.
Ox Bodies is headquartered in Fayette, AL

Rugby Logo

Rugby is a leading designer and manufacturer of Class 3-7 dump bodies, landscape bodies, platform bodies, truck and trailer hoists, related truck equipment, and accessories while serving the municipal, construction, and landscaping markets.
Rugby is headquartered in Rugby, ND

Switch-N-Go Logo

Switch-N-Go offers a unique, interchangeable truck body system for the class 4-7 work truck market. Switch-N-Go systems are a solution for businesses that want to minimize investment while maximizing asset utilization.
Switch-N-Go is headquartered in Saegertown, PA


Travis Body & Trailer manufactures premium quality, high-value dump, transfer, and rendering trailers.  Over the years, it has earned a reputation for quality, durability, value, and service.
Travis Body & Trailer is headquartered in Houston, TX

WTB Logo

Western Truck Body is a leader in customized, commercial, and industrial aluminum truck body manufacturing and repairs providing customized solutions for the agricultural, construction, mining, oil and gas, utilities, and public service industries.
Western Truck Body is headquartered in Edmonton, AB