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We owe it to those who work each day to keep us safe – Police, Fire and other emergency services. When these guardians of society rush to scenes that others flee from, it is essential that their paths are clear, and their presence known. That’s why at Federal Signal, we have been innovating the most advanced audio and visual warning devices for over 100 years.

Through innovation, experience, and a firm commitment to the people who protect us, Federal Signal produces market-leading signaling, communication and security systems. Our products are designed to light the way to safer communities.

FS Vama Lights on Motorbike
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Our Public Safety Systems business is a leader in engineering and manufacturing reliable and high-performing products for emergency and work truck vehicles. We specialize in warning lights and sirens for police cars, fire engines, ambulances, tow trucks, utility trucks, and construction vehicles.
Our domestic public safety and security business is headquartered in University Park, IL


Federal Signal Vama is the European market leader in integrated emergency and service vehicle solutions, offering an extensive range of products and services.  Federal Signal Vama delivers unique, customized solutions to customers including upfitting, software solutions, and maintenance services.
Federal Signal Vama is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain