Street Sweeping

Sustainability begins at the ground level

Elgin Sweeper is reinventing the street sweeping space…again. We revolutionized urban health with the introduction of the world’s first motorized street sweeper in 1914. Over 100 years later, this spirit of innovation has only grown brighter – we just launched the first plug-in hybrid electric sweeper, which helps users reduce their carbon footprint, improve air quality, and mitigate climate change, while never sacrificing the quality and power Elgin customers rely upon.

Elgin is the market leader in mechanical street sweeping because we understand that clean streets mean safe and healthy communities. Whether residential, airports, racetracks, ports, municipal, construction, or industrial — there’s an Elgin for the job.

Hybrid Pelican Broom Curb
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Elgin Sweeper is a global-leading manufacturer of street sweepers primarily designed for large-scale cleaning of curbed streets and other paved surfaces utilizing mechanical sweeping, vacuum, and recirculating air technology.
Elgin Sweeper is headquartered in Elgin, IL