Road-Marking & Line-Removal

Striping a path to increased driver safety

Clear road markings are the most effective traffic control device for roadway alignment, vehicle positioning, and most other essential tasks when driving. With almost 43,000 deaths resulting from motor vehicle accidents in the US in 2021 alone, it’s essential that drivers can see where they should be on the road. We think outside the box so that drivers can stay within the lines. 

For over 40 years, Mark Rite Lines and Blasters have been global leaders in manufacturing road-marking and line-removal equipment, with a reputation for innovation, superior reliability, and high productivity. The proliferation of "smart" and autonomous vehicles in the coming years, whose navigation systems rely heavily on clear road markings, will make this critical equipment even more important. 

MRL Road Marking Equipment
MRL Logo

With a focus on innovative engineering and a relentless dedication to continual improvement, MRL's attention to quality and reliability has earned its spot as the industry’s leader and North America’s largest road marking equipment supplier.
MRL is headquartered in Billings, MT

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HighMark Traffic Services is a leading road-marking service provider, operating primarily within the state of Montana and specializing in the application and removal of all road-marking materials and systems, including rumble strip installation.
HighMark is headquartered in Billings, MT

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Blasters Inc. is a manufacturer of truck-mounted waterblasting equipment, with applications in road-way projects, airport runway rubber and marking removal, and other surface preparation projects.
Blasters Inc. is headquartered in Tampa, FL