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Federal Signal gives thanks to the heroes protecting us, and the essential workers who continue to clean, maintain, and move our cities during this unforeseen crisis. At times like this, our brands and our machines continue to demonstrate a necessary impact on our world.

Find out more about the actions we are taking to reclaim, recover, and revive outdoor spaces, visit www.fedsigresponse.com.

Together, we will reclaim our tomorrow. 

The Elgin Track Sweeper is helping bring NASCAR back to green while operating efficiently, all at the same time. See NASCAR's video feature to learn why Elgin Sweeper is really a hero in this sport.


After seeing the devastating effects caused by a tornado, Girl Scout of America Katie Floyd of Greenfield, Indiana, understood the importance of having an outdoor notification system in her community.  Realizing there was a lack of tornado sirens in her area, Katie was determined to dedicate her time to raise money for a much needed tornado siren by knocking on doors and calling companies for donations.