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The Elgin Track Sweeper is helping bring NASCAR back to green while operating efficiently, all at the same time. See NASCAR's video feature to learn why Elgin Sweeper is really a hero in this sport.


After seeing the devastating effects caused by a tornado, Girl Scout of America Katie Floyd of Greenfield, Indiana, understood the importance of having an outdoor notification system in her community.  Realizing there was a lack of tornado sirens in her area, Katie was determined to dedicate her time to raise money for a much needed tornado siren by knocking on doors and calling companies for donations.

At the core of Federal Signal is a spirit of innovation, a century-old drive for creating life-saving devices and solutions that define new market categories.

Four-out-of-five Americans (81%) who own a mobile phone would feel safer in an emergency situation if they received an emergency notification on their phone informing them of what was going on, according to a recent Federal Signal survey